10 July, 2011

Downed Black Hawk

As announced last week, I'm running a small giveaway.
I'll be drawing a winner on Wednesday, so let's see what you have in your collection

Speaking of cool stuff; a few weeks ago when I ran Force on Force for Trinity Gamers, I got this beauty from Mr.E

The unforuntate Black Hawk

Black Hawk Down

In remarkably good condition, given it's just crashed

Starboard side

Though apparently any worse than this, and the crew and passengers would be extremely lucky to survive

Crash Survivors

The man holding his wounded comrade is one of my favourite pieces (from Britannia) - I reckon I'd be tempted to use them as my awesome/groovy/cool miniature for the contest.

You've seen these guys before, but they really work well with the chopper - maybe a slightly expanded and modified 'Contracter Trouble' beckons...

The spirit of the gift ties in nicely with a post of mine from February - Best Club in the Cosmos

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