05 July, 2011


En route through Sangin to the Distrct Centre 7 Platoon's convoy of Vikings and Land Rover WMIKs are ambushed. The third Viking is hit hard by RPGs

While all the initial images I've been using for these posts are from the Royal Anglians' tour in Afghanistan, this one is certainly the most affecting. It shows the disabled Viking after being denied by an air strike

OK, so I don't have two Vikings so the new Mastiff is standing in. Likewise I don't have anything remotely resembling a badly damaged armoured vehicle, so I've just placed the casualties behind the convoy

British convoy moving through Sangin

A fireteam debusses from the second Viking to handle the ambushing Taliban immediately to the column's right

Fireteam debusses to handle ambushing Taliban

Lead section grabs cover to lay down suppressive fire to the head of the columm

Lead section grabs cover

A group of civilians turns up, right beside the firefight

Civilians turn up

A WMIK crew shows their aggressive spirit by turning around and taking on the ambushers

Aggressive WMIK

Medic rushes to treat casualties from destroyed Viking - one KIA (the platoon sniper) and one seriously wounded

Casualties from destroyed Viking

Taliban group on the left of the column targets the Land Rover - making sure they can't be seen by the rest of the British

Taliban target Land Rover

The WMIK gets hits in first - putting down four of the Taliban as the rest scarper

WMIK gets hits in first

Taliban leaders on that flank are left rueing lost chances - group and the DShK have been wiped out

Leaders are left rueing lost chances

The Marine fireteam (survivors of the disabled Viking) are feeling the worse for wear, some heat exhaustion probably to add to their bad luck. The second fireteam from the rear Viking moves to establish a perimeter on the left-hand side of the column

Fireteam move to set up perimeter

Firteam from lead Viking takes to the rooftop in attempt to suppress Taliban group ahead

Section takes rooftop

Both WMIKs move to head of column - another strong group of Taliban has been spotted in the treeline at the end of the road

WMIKs move to head of column

As the fireteam moves out to secure the initial ambush point, another group emerges from hiding

Where'd they come from

Led by the platoon's lieutenant two fireteams catch them in a cruel crossfire - the civilian on the rooftop realise they're not so safe and get out of town!

Caught in a crossfire

A fireteam holding down the left flank - everything seems to have gone quiet here

Holding down the left flank

Royal Marines join in to root out the Taliban nearby

Survivors join in#

The fireteam on the rooftop has taken a casualty in the firefight - another KIA. He's moved alongside the Viking and placed inside

Getting wounded aboard

Three Taliban are captured inside the courtyard - onlookers remove any temptation the British might have to finish them

Onlookers keep British to COIN

Covering the withdrawal while the three prisoners are bundles on board the Viking

Covering the withdrawal

The left-flank security stamps out resistance, taking out the Taliban leader before he can escape

Stamping out resistance

Reinforcements arrive at top of road

Reinforcements arrive at top of road

Move it! The corporal gets the Viking moving - the vehicle has been stationary for far too long

Move it!

Almost out - the British are making progress now, and there's very little effective resistance left

Almost out

IED ahead - it's blocking the easy withdrawal of two of the fireteams

IED ahead

Last chance for the Taliban to stop them nearly pays off, but the two soliders running alongside the Viking return fire and escape injury

Last chance to stop them

Those Taliban trigger a Soviet land mine - this must've been a part of the ambush but the late arrivals weren't aware of it

Steps on Soviet land mine

The British make it off in the turn limit by the skin of their teeth.
Winning 10-7, any additional delay would've seen a Taliban victory


  1. Well done the Royal Marines!

  2. Saw sone of these vehicles for real recently at the new Afghanistan exhibition in the Tank Museum.

  3. Lovely looking table and some nicely framed shots.

    It looks the game was fun too, nice and close which is always the most enjoyable.

    I particularly like the objective markers (or whatever the correct FOF term is). Did you make them up yourself or were they bought?

  4. Thanks guys,
    Those markers (hotspots in FoF) are by S&S. They do them in 28mm as well I think (along with barricades and wrecked vehicles).
    Lee - I did see a few pictures of a Scimitar (with BAR armour) but not of a Viking; did I miss it?

  5. I wrote about this as part of my entry for the second Land War in Asia competition:


  6. Nice looking models/table.

    Can you say what the manufacturer is for the British infantry and vehicles?

  7. British miniatures are all by Britannia

  8. Great AAR Donogh ! Is it possible to get a copy of the scenarios you wrote for Attack State Red? I sent you a PM on the AAG Forum but not sure if you received my e-mail address? Many thanks, Dominic Mahon - dom1 on AAG Forum


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