26 July, 2011

Contest #2 - Winner!

Another winner!

Though only two entered - either the reward was too little, or the task too great for the rest of the readership.

Conrad Kinch highlighted:
1. My Thirty Years War version of Dumas' Three Musketeers' escapades on The Bastion of St. Gervais
2. My first Command & Colours: Napoleonics scenario, The Battle of Sacile
3. My modern version of that old school classic, The Battle of Sittangbad

Sho3box chose:
1. A recent Force on Force game, an Ambush in Sangin
2. My Rebellion on Novaya Sakha setup for A Good Day to Die
3. The Tomorrow's War scenario for that game

So, without further ado:

So, congrats to Paul and thanks to you both. Leave a comment with your e-mail (I'll delete as soon as I see it) and I'll contact you to arrange things.
I'll let you all know what's chosen, and quite possibly post the scenario for everyone's perusal after Paul's gaming group has had a shot.


  1. The reward was far from little, it was awesome in fact. I was just running short of the deadline or I would've thrown my name in this lot as well.

  2. I enjoy the "draw" videos :)

    Thanks for running a competition with such a generous prize Donogh. I am looking forward to chatting with you about it.


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