15 January, 2012


Two Divisional officers (an S-2 and an S-3) are being escorted back to base, after conducting a field interrogation of a high-ranking VC. Their vehicle throws a track and the crew gets out to repair it.

A Viet Cong cadre chooses their moment well to close in on the stopped convoy

VC closing in on broken down convoy

The Americans deploy security - they've got a bad feeling about this!

Convoy deploys security

At the edge of the jungle, the VC take up positions and open fire

At edge of brush

The GIs take control of the junction and return fire

Taking control of junction

The intel officers bail out of the bullet magnet. They're advised that they're probably safer on the outside!

Intel officers bail out of bullet magnet

The rearmost security M113 takes an RPG hit and brews up

Rear M113 takes RPG hit

On the other side the arduous task of clearing the jungle begins - they successfully drive back the VC

Clearing the jungle

Bereft of their supporting firepower, the Americans make a meal out of the other VC cell - a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues where several GIs are picked off

Cat and Mouse

Showing stern bravery the remnants of the American Squad drive onwards into the jungle to buy the third M113 the time to get out

We're going in

That mission is a success - but there is one final spectacular reaction sequence which deserves a mention! This one allowed the M113 to drive off into the sunset...

Awesome sequence of reaction rolls!

A very interesting one, some alternate strategies for the VC present themselves, maybe I'll post the replay...


  1. Good stuff Donogh.

    I like the fabric roads, don't think I've seen those before.

  2. This looks great thanks for the post

  3. Great pics, of what looks like a great game!

  4. Thanks!
    @Mr.E - Fabric roads are by Hotz Mats


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