30 January, 2012

My Favourite Figures: #7, #6, #5

Continuing last week's post on the Top Ten Figures in my collection.

Just back from Warpcon, where much fun (and beer) was had.

Say it with Flowers

This mobster in 28mm is from Copplestone's gangster wars range. Armed with just a pistol, he's got flowers behind his back - he's obviously confident that his mark will be having his funeral sooner rather than later.

In fact, click on this one to get a better view of those flowers Gangster retreat outflanked

Terrifyingly Efficient

This squadron of French Lancers from Baccus' 6mm range for the Napoleonic Wars are just superbly done, and look pretty murderous en masse like this


Small, but Perfectly Formed

Part of Ground Zero Games' duo of E-SWAT Marksman and Pointman (aka Briareos & Deunan). This is just a fantastic sculpt and the paintjob (by Michi from The Guild) is out of the top drawer. The miniature is 25mm (like my Stargrunt stuff) but quite petite alongside them.

Warpcon reports to follow tomorrow, but I'll wrap up this series of posts by the weekend.

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  1. I love the Copplestone Gangster and KKBB range they are a joy to paint as well


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