06 January, 2012

Executive Jet Deconstructed

After having received the Secret Saturdays Griffin Jet, it was put to work as a toy for Isabel. For better usage, I inserted the (all too easy to insert) handle underneath the body. Problem was, 20 minutes later the handle wouldn't come out!

Depite much wrangling it wouldn't budge. Of course, in this state in was unusable, but it seemed that further wrangling threatened to break the housing


As luck would have it, some of the screws holding the thing [yes, now I am referring to it in that manner!] together were deeply recessed but still to strong for my small screwdrivers to handle


A trip to the hardware store picked up a (rather expensive!) Irazola Philips-head screwdriver to take it apart


Even then though the I could see light at the end of the tunnel, I still couldn't extract the handle out of it!


So I did what any insane modeller would do at 11.45pm. I took it outside with a hammer and broke the attachment hanging onto the handle like a limpet mine!


Calmer now. A recess where the traitorous handle used to be


So, onto more meaningful modelling matters! The cockpit window was far too big for the 25mm models.


I decided to create a further division on the windscreen - cutting out a strip of plastic from an old blister pack


A bit more shaping, and then a bit of super glue to attach to a likely spot


Masking tape to protect all the areas which would remain windscreen after painting


Some silver undercoat to get thing ready for the painting

Silver Age

"Very nice and futuristic" my darling wife said; but I wasn't after a Silver Age jet...


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