25 January, 2012

My Favourite Figures: #10, #9, #8

Over on Santa Cruz Warhammer, they've started taking submissions from readers about their favourite model. I sent in my choice and that got me to thinking about doing a top ten.

Last year they did a great series of posts on their Top Ten figures, all 40K/Warhammer, but nonetheless well worth a look

I'm not going to drag this out into ten posts (I just know that the tension would kill you! Notwithstanding the fact that you know what my #1 is). I'm also going to confine myself to miniatures which I actually have - makes the whole process simpler I think (and less likely to attack my budget!).

I'm not necessarily saying that these are the best miniatures in my collection, but just my favourites.


I really like this piece in 6mm by Irregular. It shows a seated Daimyo with two hatamoto. I cannot help but think of Kagemusha when I see it. Honestly, if I was to start doing 6mm Samurai again, I would probably go with Baccus (and their seated Daimyo is just amazing) - but still this gets into the top ten.

Oda Clan

Gung Ho

The 28mm US Marines from Pulp Figures have oodles of character, but this guy has extra moxie. The hard-bitten sergeant holds his pump-action shotgun easy, and is smoking a pipe! What's not to like?

Baxter leads the patrol out

Eyes On

This reconnaisance pair in 20mm from Liberation/RH Models are so nice. A lot of lines have figures in non-combat poses, but these guys are obviously on a mission (probably to drop something nasty on someone's head). I just need to find that mission on the tabletop...

Observation Team

How about you?


  1. They're all terrific, Donogh. Very good to see 6mm getting a look in for your list. Looking forward to seeing the next entries ...

  2. Thanks Sidney, I think you'll be seeing more 6mm stuff in the rest of the list.


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