05 January, 2012

Scorched Earth

As the Tet Offensive broke out, ad hoc arrangements were made to ferry troops to the worst hit areas. In one case trucks dropped their cargo loads on the side of the highway to pick up a company on the road.

When calmer heads prevailed, a Quartermaster Sergeant Major insisted the these crates, carrying 100 cases of LAWS be secured for immediate use in the defence of Saigon. Two Squads of infantry with their M113s head down to the fork in the highway to collect.

Column approaches the Supply Dump

A cadre of Viet Cong which were heading to the junction to ambush passing American units discovered the crates and once they could hear the heavy tracks down the road, decided to hold out as long as they could and try to set the crates on fire or destroy them somehow

VC hidden amongst crates

The second squad approaches along the northern fork. The detachment has been spooked already by the presence of mines and the infantry has disembarked and are alongside the trundling M113

Second column moving along highway

On the southern fork, heavy undergrowth screens the 1st squad's advance

Thick undergrowth screens advance

They fan out carefully after seeing activity near one of the crates

Fanning Out

The ACAV guns ahead of the infantry, moving towards the first crate - it doesn't spot any activity though and Corporal Frost starts to get a bad feeling about this one

ACAV moves towards first crate

As one of the crates starts to smoulder the VC Bazooka team holds it fire, hoping for a better shot. In front of them, a VC sniper team are hidden behind the crate and are drawing a bead on the squad coming up the other fork

VC Bazooka holds fire

The second squad is moving in, but they spot a different group of VC on this side of the road, behind a paddy field wall

Second Squad moving in

As that group of VC set fire to the crate, the Americans run for cover along the side of the road and open fire on the VC

VC setting crate on fire

The VC are forced to fall back - but the Cadre leader puts another flare into the crate for good measure!

Falling back

The VC Bazooka team picks its moment and puts a round right through the M113's thin skin. Most of the crew bail out and hunker down behind the burning hulk

Bailing Out

The second squad takes control of the crossroads - worried about their pals across the way, but determined to follow the mission through

Taking control of the crossroads

Now, rushing to come to the aid of their M113 the GIs hump up the road trying to suppress the VC

Humping up the road

Meanwhile the VC have withdrawn and the Bazooka man is trying to get a strike on the second APC

VC bazooka man looking for second strike

Second squad start to take sniper fire from somewhere and several of them go down along the verges

Taking sniper fire along verges

The second M113 opens fire on the VC sniper team, but only drives them back

Second ACAV fires on VC

Crafty Charlie is using the brewed up M113 as a screen for its flanking movement

VC using brewed up vehicle as cover

By now the Viet Cong have set three of the crates on fire

Burning Supply Dump from the air

The second vehicle takes a glancing hit from the Bazooka, knocking out a track

Second ACAV takes a hit

The GIs get into a fierce firefight with the VC pushing them out of the "supply dump"

GIs get into a firefight

The VC somehow get the chance to torch another crate

Torching another crate

The Americans push on outflanking the VC and using the paddy field as solid cover

Outflanking VC

Securing two of the crates and taking control of the crossroads, though at a significant cost, the platoon settles down to wait for relief

Securing a crate

The Viet Cong are happy with their day's work and withdraw into the jungle. The Americans are sure that they've wiped out a platoon, but as often happens find neither abandoned equipment nor bodies.

VC withdrawing

Pretty tense battle, though a solid victory for the Viet Cong in the end. I tried this again solo and things were much closer the second time around, the VC pinching victory by a nose, though none of their force made it unscathed.


  1. Enjoyed the report. Thanks for posting it.

  2. One can only be thankful that the dastardly VC didn't work out how to use the LAWs.

  3. Great Report. I have played a couple of FoF games but nothing fron Vietnam as yet

  4. Thanks guys
    @Conrad - I decided LAWs would be less dangerous in their hands than the initial McGuffins...


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