25 March, 2010

EuroFed Marines

European Federation Marines are responsible for garrisoning Langeforsstad. While the world is no hotspot, the jungles of the island of Visby away from the main settlements have proved to be a valuable exercise area. In the latest generation ThyssenKrupp Personal Armour and using the highly reliable Bofors 4.73mm Assault Carbine the EuroFed Marines are a feared light infantry outfit.

Art by WiredGear
1st Squad move into open ground

EuroFed Marines - 1st Squad move into open ground

2nd Squad stay frosty

EuroFed Marines - 2nd Squad stay frosty

Command Team take stock

EuroFed Marines - Command Team take stock

Weapons Team move through cover

EuroFed Marines - Weapons Team move through cover

3rd Squad cover flank

EuroFed Marines - 3rd Squad cover flank

Platoon ready for contact

EuroFed Marines - Platoon ready for contact

While these guys aren't going to take part in the Rebellion on Novaya Sakha, with tension ratcheting up towards a possible Second InterSolar War, they may see action in this neck of the woods yet...


  1. Fantastic pic, where'd you find it?

  2. These guys (and girl) look great, and normally I don't notice the background terrain...but it looks great too. Nice work...

  3. Thanks all.
    The jungle terrain is also doing duty for Darkest Dahomey, but I like the look of these guys beside it too
    The first picture is from a guy called WiredGears - he does other sci-fi stuff over on DeviantArt


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