15 March, 2010

Leprecon Round-Up

Wargaming at Leprecon was pretty subdued this year. There was the usual Warmachine and 40K tournaments (though they seemed unusually small this year). There was some BattleTech and I had a good chat with the guys about some of the upcoming releases (especially the historical hot-spots - Galtor III brings back good memories) along with some reminisences of various large-scale games.

Eamon (Joy and Forgetfulness) ran a few games of En Avant! Some ill-advised unsupported cavalry charges and piecemeal attacks, but the biscuit was well and truly taken by this decisive column attack by the British on a French line!

General Havoc

Boomer ran this interesting modern pirates game - work in progress (I think the rules evolved between every play of the game) and very nice work on the ship itself

Pirates - Approaching Cargo Ship

Bought a handful of these small duckies off Emma - here they are swimming around in a muddy puddle. They're already a big hit with Isabel!


I ran three games of Perilous Trail! over the weekend, more of which anon.
All in all, a successful and enjoyable convention for me.


  1. Darn, totally unaware of Leprecon this year... Kaari

  2. Hey Kaari,
    Changing the date didn't help them but there hands were tied due to college exams.
    It was fun to see Tracy Hickman run Killer Breakfast too!


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