05 March, 2010

Marines in Afghanistan

Here are some US figures I picked up over on the Ambush Alley Black Market.

I imagine using them fairly freely as any small patrol unit of US soldiers or marines in Afghanistan, though if anyone can tell me exactly which service/year/theatre the weapons and camouflage matches I'd appreciate it

Platoon Command with Lieutenant, Platoon Sergeant, Machine-Gunner and Navy Corpsman

Platoon Command

1st Fire Team moving along wall. As standard a fire-team comprises team leader (with M16), one rifleman (M16), one grenadier (M16 with M203) and one light machine gunner (M249).

1st Fire Team

2nd Fire Team moves around corner with Squad Sergeant alongside

2nd Fire Team with Squad Leader

3rd Fire Team takes up position in house

3rd Fire Team

This small force would represent a change of pace, being just a small patrol or flanking force, without any significant assets.
Alternatively they may be able to team up with some Afghan Army / Mercenaries I'll post shortly or even with the British guys you've seen previously.


  1. I've been checking these picks out as you post them for the last while Donogh. Outstanding work.
    The models and terrain look great.

    Have you practiced painting multi-cam on your figures in light of recent developments :-)


  2. I'm not one to get multiple lots of troops just so I can get the right camo year-on-year.
    Maybe it's my 6mm heritage (I'm one to use my set up US WWII troops in all theatres) and 20mm+ wargamers will be up in arms!

  3. These guys are in US Army ACU mate. You're fine for Iraq/Afghan post 2005 or so.


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