18 March, 2010

Searching Party

The second of the three Perilous Trail! scenarios I ran at Leprecon last weekend

A British column scouts ahead of the main force, looking for any sign of the Americans' location. The search party exits a dense jungle area to come upon a wide variety of creatures in open grassland

The Search Begins

The British, led by Major Jones make their way around a jungle outcrop

British Search Party

A pair of Pterodactyls circle around a high rock formation, waiting for suitable sized prey to show itself at the small lake, but the adventurers look like they'll do

Pterodactyls circle

The slow by armoured Edmontons guard their nest at the edge of the plateau, they'll take up a defensive position at the escarpment but will not be threatened

Edmontons guard nest

The smaller Styracosaurs graze in the high grass, keenly aware of the Raptors which lurk up a gully nearby

Styracosaurs graze

The two separate search columns merge near rocky ground into a rough line to deal with the dinosaurs moving in their general direction. Some British fire discipline will sort them out

British concentrate to deal with Dinosaurs

Without any nearby targets but getting itchy trigger fingers the right flank opens fire on the Iguanadons who were supping out of the small lake. They're spooked by the gunshots and run away

Iguanadons spooked by near miss

A Spinosaurus, which had been roaming the area charges out of the high grass towards the British line

Spinosaurus Charges

It survives the torrent of fire to hurtle into the adventurers, but the British have the measure of the beast and keep it at bay, damaging its claws. Meanwhile a wily infantryman has worked his way around the back of the Spinosaur to take a shot from there

Spinosaurus survives torrent of fire

Chaos ensues as the Raptors scuttle out of the high grass to leap on the adventurers closest them just as a Triceratops lumbers out of hiding nearby to attack. The Pteradactyls' threat is dealt with calmly as Jones pistols one just as it swoops in to take off his head

General Melee breaks out

The left-hand column causes dismay amongst the others as it cuts and runs! Some of the slain are being feasted on by the hungry carnivores and it's every man for himself

British run leaving some of their fellows behind

The Triceratops' bellow scares the living daylights out of the Adventurer and he runs for cover. Somehow the ponderous Triceratops finds a burst of speed and catches up to gore him mercilessly into the ground

Adventurer gored by Triceratops

As Jones rides away the second Pteradactyl glides in silently to skewer the mounted man, but Jones turns in the saddle to effortessly shoot it stone cold dead

Jones pistols Pteradactyl out of sky

Jones is having a crisis of conscience and rather than continue in his flight, turns his horse around to ride back and save the day. His return is upset by a Raptor who jumps out of hiding just as he rides past a patch of grass. He doesn't have a chance to even turn his pistol at it. He just utters two last word: "Clever girl!"

Jones ambushed by Raptor

The adventurers on foot are caught by the rampant Raptors just as they enter the gully

Raptors finish off British column

Not a soul amongst the search columns is left alive, and so the Americans must hold out a little longer as the British adventurers struggle to find them

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  1. It was an amazing tale of man vs nature, the ultimate war. The British mistake in this scenario was compromising their dedication to cowardice. If Jones had fully deserted his colleague instead of resorting to half measures he might have survived!


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