19 March, 2010

Relief Column

The British relief column reaches the jungle highlands where the Americans are holding out

Relief Column

While the US Marines have not yet been able to make the trip from Liberia, a American DH-4 (designated O2B-1) from the Naval forces there has made the trip to help locate the wayward adventurers

American Biplane soars overhead

The aggressive pilot steers directly for the Pteradactyls on the plateau and opens fire. The Pteradactyls react in anger encircling the aircraft but the rear-gunner takes care of one of them and the other is forced to land

Pilot steers directly for Pteradactyls

Meanwhile the Americans are distraught when the relief column (heard in the distance) doesn't arrive through the jungle valleys, but rather a pack of Carnosaurs, racing a pair of Tyrannosaurs towards them

Carnosaur pack rushes towards American survivors

The relief column drives at full tilt through the high grasses, catching up on Raptors and a Spinsosaurus making their way at the Americans. Whether it's panic or some other nervousness neither the British nor the Americans open fire at this stage, despite the overwhelming numbers of Dinosaurs in view

Relief Column motors through high grass

The Americans have camouflaged their positions well, and the holding of their fire causes the Dinosaurs to slow down and begin a search [at this stage after seeing Graham roll a series of '1's and '2's on criticals, Colin suggests that he just roll higher - the strategy works!]

Americans camoflage hides forces Dinosaurs to search for them

Meanwhile, the Spinosaurus has noticed the column of vehicles and has set about them, wreaking havoc. Flipping and destroying a truck (although the passengers leap to safety) and completely wreaking the armoured car, which explodes due to some freak accident

Spinosaur wreaks havoc on the column

Just as the crew of the Field Gun sweep the camouflage netting aside to fire point blank at a Carnosaur, fearsome and monstrous grubs begin to crawl out of the nearby slime, almost panicking the startled gunners. They stick to the task and pummel the terrifying beast with a few shells

Field Gun beset by terrifying grubs

The remaining British disembark from the touring car and truck to take on a Carnosaur. They must fight their way through before the Americans are overwhelmed!

Adventurers debus to take on Carnosaur

Just as they begin to make headway, a giant spider creeps out of the jungle to assail Frazier (whose aversion to spiders from service in the Far East is well known)

Giant Spiders creep out of jungle

The first Tyrannosaur takes a powerful shot in the head from the field gun, and the other nearby beasts begin to think better of approaching its front arc of fire

Tyrannosaur takes a shot in the face

A Carnosaur and some Raptors fight over Drake, the remaining American leader. His bravery seems to be without end, but a Raptor attack ends up in his fearsome Tommy Gun being ripped from his hands. The more intelligent Raptor curiously looks over at it, but before any action can be taken Drake pulls out his Browning pistol and continues his doomed struggle

Carnosaurs and Raptors fight over American leader

The remaining Pteradactyl glides over and lands on a tree overlooking the fight. It chooses its moment to swoop in, killing one of the remaining British adventurers in a single pass

Pterodactyl lands on tree

ALthough its strafing run is effective in killing a Carnosaur it passes too low to the fight, and the Tyrannosaur leaps up in an attempt to get rid of this nagging machine. The bite takes a chunk out of the planes tail section and as the gunner continues to provide suppressing fire, all the remaining adventurers are overwhelmed

Low-flying Biplane attacked by Tyrannosaur

With solid evidence in the form of a masticated rudder, the navy pilot returns to the coast to report the expeditions fate back to the Marine contingent...


  1. This is cool, right down my alley!
    What scale are the trucks you have there? For the WoW stuff it might be a little tricky to get them in that scale but I have time since it is only foolishness and not really necessary.

  2. V,
    Both trucks are N-Scale, which matches pretty closely to 1/144. They're from Minifigs and are the Zis-5 and GAZ 4x4. The touring car and armoured car are from Pendraken (they're 10mm, but seem to match up pretty well with the N-scale stuff too)


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