22 March, 2010

New Miniature Storage

Finally got off my ass and around to assembling this set of drawers I got at Christmas. It's an Alex from Ikea

Fully Assembled

It has six large but shallow drawers - perfect for miniatures

Empty Drawers

Most of the miniatures have been placed inside the lids of A4 paper boxes, and these have been placed in the drawers.

Fully Loaded

The top drawer includes some of my 6mm Napoleonics, and you can probably guess that this means it's easy to take out an entire army and move it onto the table for deployment

Top Drawer

The drawer unit rolls easily underneath my gaming table

Under Gaming Table

As usual the Ikea assembly process was aided by good instructions, and good materials. However following that ancient law, there was a single piece left over!

Bit Left Over

One word of warning though, my 28mm mounted knights' lance catch slightly, so I've been forced to lie them down. Otherwise a worthwhile purchase...do I have room for a second though?


  1. You can salivate over it on Saturday (if you're still available?)


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