17 March, 2010

Game it Forward

The guys over on Victoria's Boys in Red have come up with a fantastic idea, dubbed "Game it Forward"
Update: Mr Kinch over on Joy and Forgetfulness has followed suit...

Another Update: The Santa Cruz Warhammer guys have two similar initiatives
The Barter Bucket
and the Super Blog Chain Give Away Competition

The basic idea is that instead of giving something in return to someone who helps you out, you give something in return to someone else in need. We've all received bits from our fellow gamers where we don't want to go to the expense of making a full order just for minor piece of a pack. And I'm sure that most gamers have bits lying around in boxes that they'll probably never use.

I'm adding a tabbed page to the blog so that people can see what I'm giving away - all I'm going to ask is that people pay the postage (these are all pretty light, so even internationally it won't add up to too much). I'll weigh and price them over the next while for some likely destinations.

Description - Company (Range) - Scale
Sample Pack – Baccus (War of the Roses) – 6mm
16 Native Porters – Pendraken (WWI-NEA4) – 10mm

3 German Guards + 3 Agents – WarmAcre (Hour of Glory) – 28mm
4 Dark Elf Command & Bolt Thrower with Crew – Games Workshop (WFB) – 28mm
3 Chaos Warriors – Games Workshop (Warhammer Fantasy Battle) – 28mm
6 Purestrain Genestealers – Games Workshop (40K) – 28mm
1 Minotaur - Games Workshop (Bloodbowl) - 28mm [This is an old-school bloodbowl miniature, and has a basic paint job too]
1 Bear - Possibly Foundry - 28mm
Me109 Decals - Airfix - 1/48 [though I'm not certain about the make]
Eldar Decals - Games Workshop (40K) - 28mm
French Napoleonic Dragoons on foot - Perry Miniatures - 28mm [on sprue and from current BattleGames magazine]

Obviously whether you want to do likewise is completely up to you and I won't put any preconditions on my sending these to you, but I think it would be exceedingly cool if this snowballs across the blogosphere!
If any of the items above catches your eye, leave a comment with your e-mail (I won't publish it) and I'll contact you directly



  1. Not interesting in fact for me ('cause not a painter/converter/med-fan or mythological addict/...) but that's a pretty cool concept. Bravo. Clap clap !

  2. I love this idea and bravo to William and Eli and the others for coming up with it!

  3. Hello Donogh

    Fantastic idea - I'd be interested in the Warm Acre stuff and the Baccus WOTR...

    Neil :-)

  4. Hi Donagh

    First, may I say what an excellent site! I've bookmarked it co's there's so much to read and I will come back to it again.
    I particularly liked your Afghanistan scenarios as each has a theme and a fantastic accompanying write up. The figures and scenery are great. They're are inspirational, as I'm in the process of doing a NWF campaign but in the 1890's and apart from the Warriors, Javelins etc there is a great similarity. So thanks for that its how I visualised my camapign.
    I'm asking about the 10mm Pendraken porters - are they still up for grabs?
    You done some really good work here and its a pleasure to read - best regards Richard


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