29 November, 2011

Exercise of Arms

I've written these Thirty Years War rules (modifications really) for Command & Colours: Napoleonics.

Warfare of mid-seventeenth century is often referred to as “Pike and Shot” recognizing the important relationship in an infantry formation between pikemen and firearms. EXERCISE OF ARMS attempts to give flavour to the style of use and respective strengths of these arms, while conceding the emphasis placed upon cavalry during this period.
Some additional modifications are foreseen after a significant round of play-testing. Pike to Shot ratios, mixed cavalry units of Kurassiers and Arkebusiers and such should probably be covered in more detail.
The presence of militia and lifeguard units should be easy to represent – C&C Napoleonics already does this.

For larger battles (on an Epic or Breakthrough map) a mechanism to model the use of brigades – according to system – would be necessary.

Further revisions will take place, paying closer attention to the later stages of the Thirty Years War and to the British Civil Wars. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Download the PDF

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