06 November, 2011

The Bigger They Come

The Yates outfit are the main operators in Monrovia. They're about to feel the heat of competition...

Newcomer in West Africa - Reilly, with his man Young arrive at the Yates' place

Mobsters' Business Meeting

An uninvited guest has arrived at their business meeting - their initial fusilade doesn't stop the monster, but it does think twice and circles around through some thick jungle

One uninvited guest

After quickly grabbing guns from the cars the mobsters run for this shack and hunker down - they behemoth oustide doesn't spot them but he does notice Dillahunt on top of the water tower

Wiseguys hide

Taking fire from above the Spinosaurus lurks beneath what seems to Dillahunt like a flimsy structure - he loses his nerve and runs for it (at a pace he didn't know he had in him!)

Sentry feeling the heat

Charging out after him the rest of the mobster inside the shack open up with everything they have

Let 'im have it

The gigantic lizard falls to the ground, toast! The tommy-gun barrels are melting! Back to business fellas.

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