22 November, 2011

To the Boat!

Having located the lone Sampson, with nothing but his rifle, a few rounds and a canteen, Baxter turns back for the river.

The (hastily requisitioned and armed) Navy Gunboat Visayas waits at anchor on the St. Paul river

The Navy Waits

Commanded by Ensign Newbolt, he's ordered the crew to make ready for a fight and bring up ready ammunition for the deck gun

Gunboat Crew

Baxter's Patrol returning with Sampson

Baxter's Patrol returning with Sampson

In a bid to make contact with the gunboat crew ashore as quickly as possible, Norton races ahead of the main group

Norton races ahead

In his haste, he's ambushed by a native warrior, but Norton sidesteps him with ease, ducking under the thrown spear


Meanwhile back on the ridge, two large Achillobators are moving in

Achillobators moving in

Norton reaches the Shore Party, and breathless convinces them to return with him - he knows what's hunting Baxter and his men

Norton reaches Shore Party

An Allosaurus has been trailing them all morning!

Allosaurus following

With them in sight for once, it races over the ridgeline and towers above them

Towering above them

The Marines are beset on all sides - and their last minute firing has little effect on the creatures

Beset on all sides

Jackson is torn in half by the Allosaurus, and one of the Achillobators kills Hill too. Baxter smacks the beast in front of him with the stock of his shotgun but that only serves to annoy it!

Jackson torn in half

Norton leads the Shore Party back up the trail - time is of the essence

Back up the Trail

Sampson has backed away and, taking careful aim with his rifle hits the Achillobator attacking Baxter - the round hits its head and renders it punch-drunk. Baxter takes the opportunity to sprint away from the mayhem

Baxter and Sampson survive and run

The two groups meet up and with thing quietening down, they creep into the undergrowth to try to evade the terrible lizards

They Meet up

As they move past a still pool, a crocodile surges out of the water - the same "albino alligator" which nearly got Norton two days earlier

That same Albino Alligator

The beasts give chase, but this time the Marines and Seamen are ready for them - they open fire to deadly effect

Giving Chase

Even the Allosaurus has been slain - they wade out to the gunboat

To the Gunboat

Quite pleased with this game - and the tweaks that make Perilous Trail a solo game.

More to follow - has the other Marine patrol found the Reverend Johnston?


  1. Were the marines accompanied by a plucky female named Ripley?

  2. Looks like fun. Probably would have been better for the marines if they had...

  3. I don't know - with Ripley & Cute Kid in tow, only one Marine survived (with apologies to those emerging from under a rock for the spoiler) that incident.


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