18 November, 2011

Wargaming 101

I see it's 'Teach your Kids to Game' week

Over the last few weekends, I told a story quite a few times to various people about this wargaming experiment during the summer!

An amphibious invasion by aquatic smurfs (aboard a flotilla of sailboats) with a gaggle of rubber duckies of a peaceful island (dominated by a yellow keep) held by Peppa Pig and her family.

The Invasion

Old-school rules - throw a ball, if you knock it over it's out, and every throw the flotilla moves close to the island!

Surveying Options

Given that she's only 3 and a bit, Isabel's aim wasn't quite as good a mine

But she took the nuclear option in the end - point blank range!

Enjoyable fun! She's playing with my dinosaurs already, and she wants to paint a crocodile with me over the weekend...

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