01 November, 2011

The Mission

The Johnston Mission is located in an idyllic clearing, and everything seems peaceful.

However on their way are two threats - a band of Askari brigands and a pack of Raptors

The Peaceful Mission

The Askari brigands exit the clearing, heading straight for the creatures; but the Raptors close quickly

Askari Brigands 


A large Achillobator stalks through the jungle

Stealthy Achillobator

The other Achillobator rushes with lightening pace to pounce on an Askari

Achillobator pounces

Captain Lewis, along with his sister and her husband Reverend Johnston race for the car. However in the scramble to get into the car Lewis discharges his pistol and hits his brother-in-law (only the man's sturdy cap saves him from a serious wound). Lewis bundles him into the car to recover from his concussion

The race for the car

Mrs Johnston storms off towards the house while Lewis is distracted - she spots an Askari running hell-for-leather away from the beasts

Running for it

He's followed by another Askari - Tehpoe, who is caught from behind by a Raptor

Caught from behind

The crafty Achillobator sneaks into the shed, and approaches the parked car

Crafty monster

The Askari has scurried up the chimney to safety, but the Achillobator clambered up onto the roof after him!

Scurrying up the 


Having downed the Achillobator in the shed Lewis and Johnston walk inside to put the beast down

Taking on the beast

Tehpoe is outnumbered, but somehow manages to kill one of the Raptors


The Revered rounds the corner and doesn't seem too worried about his accuracy - his shotgun maims the Raptor but leaves the Askari unharmed

Reverend not 

worried about accuracy

Tehpoe is finally slain by one of the surviving Raptors

Brave Askari falls

The two Raptors here are being fended off by the Reverend, but they seem to spot easier prey in Mrs Johnston

Raptors spot 

Mrs Johnston

racing after her, her attempts to defend herself result in a lost shotgun and she shrieks in terror to run blindly into the jungle

Racing after her

The badly wounded Achillobator, having eaten the Askari on the rooftop, struggles to descend until Lewis' car stalls just beside the house

Getting down 

from the rooftop

The Reverend Johnston, striding purposefully to kill a Raptor is blindsided by the wounded Achillobator

Reverend blindsided

Taking cover behind some boxes Lewis and Johnston fend off the remaining two beasts, who slink off into the jungle

Going for cover

But what will happen to Mrs. Johnston, alone in the jungle and without anything to defend herself with?


  1. Brilliant! What rules were you using?

  2. Thanks Stuart - used my own homegrown rules "Perilous Trail". Hopefully I'll be able to polish them up and publish them here soon

  3. And the main thing was - the right man lost.

  4. Holy s...t! Fantastic game and setup.


  5. Hi, very impressive setting. By the way, whore do the mini on the last picture come from (the Corto Maltese look alike) ?

  6. Thanks Karl - that figure is from Foundry's Darkest Africa set Ardent Adventurers DA1/2


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