07 November, 2011

Just Businessmen

With the Spinosaurus steaks tidied away, these legitimate businessmen can return to their negotiations.

A group of Raptors has been attracted by the smell of spilled rum - they sneak in towards the buildings

Raptors using concealment

The men retreat behind some boxes, preparing their Alamo - but the beasts are smarter than that and approach from around the back!

Gangster retreat outflanked

One of them goes down, and the rest use the feeding frenzy as an opportunity to leg it - they stop, turn around the let the beasts have it


One of the Raptors, who had remained hidden during the initial rush, creeps out behind Reilly and tries to snap his legs off. The wily hitman twirls away and runs, shooting off most of his tommy gun's drum as he does so

Clever Girl

Dillahunt, who thought he was safe in the water tower finds something else up there with him

Thought he was safe up there

Yates and Salvatore close the door of the house, and the first Raptor to stick his nose inside gets it shot off

Barricaded inside house

Reilly's escape by car is cut off by a Raptor on the roof

Escape by car

Reilly and Dillahunt brave the danger, taking to the cars - two Raptors by the storehouse get an unpleasant surprise as the vehicles try to run them over!

Crosstown Traffic

Reilly takes care of his target, but the other Raptors avoids the hurtling car and snaps at Dillahunt - in his attempt to avoid the jaws, Dillahunt loses control of the car and it flips over, rolling over the unfortunate mobster

Not an offroad vehicle

Reilly gets out of the car and runs into the storehouse, taking out another of the Raptors as he goes - two more are nearby but can't seem to make out his scent amongst the heady stench of rum

Sniffing out the drunkard

Yates and his remaining henchman make their last stand in the courtyard

Last Stand

The last Raptor is put down like a dog

Chicago style

Tommy guns seem to do fine after all!
That was all I had time for at Gaelcon - though I did get to play some of the Wild Geese's Three Musketeers game, Conrad Kinch's Battle of Salamanca. Thanks for reading!


  1. I knew those mobs.... er... legitimate businessmen would be the guys to take care of things.

  2. Someone's going to wake up tomorrow morning with a Raptor's head next to him in bed!

    This was such a cool read. Thanks!

  3. Great review for a very awesome (and very gonzo) scenario.

  4. I do believe that chap has sawed off a Purdey.

    Shocked, I say. Shocked!

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