02 November, 2011

The Campsite

Chandler and his companions have camped in the hills above the Johnston Mission

In the evening a few of them (led by Cockburn) make their way there to investigate


head out from the camp

Their camp with sentries on duty - Peters stands with Kofi and Kwesi at the fire, as the porters bring in the last of the supplies

Their camp 

with sentries on duty

A swarm of Raptors come out of nowhere charging the men - Sampson has gone off to the left to take a look at something

Swarm of Raptors

The noise he heard was a gigantic Allosaurus stomping through the American Mission

An Allosaurus stomps 


Winters and Cockburn blaze away with their guns at the Raptors, but both men go down. Nkunda, their local guide throws his spear at a Raptor in desperation - it hits the Raptor in the eye, sending it scampering backwards (along with his spear)

Despite some quick firing both men go down

Kofi points at the Raptors and the sentries open fire

The Sentries open 


The Raptors move away from the seriously wounded men and towards the campsite - picking on Chandler and Peters. Nkunda is running back to the camp to pick up a machete and the boy Hal runs to Chandler's aid with his shotgun

The Raptors move on

The Allosaurus looks in over the ridgeline

The Allosaurus looks 


A firing line is formed by the men, with Chandler at the rear waving his pisto around - the Allosaurus has jumped the ridge with amazing agility

A firing line is 


The concerted fire from the men is too much for the Raptors and they skulk off into the undergrowth. With time on their hands the men concentrate on the Allosaurus (Nkunda's machete doing serious damage to its leg)

The Raptors 

sneak into the undergrowth

As thing calm down, Nkunda is overwhelmed by the Raptors

Nkunda overwhelmed

They move on, and the porters are easy picking for them

Porters are 

easy pickings

Carnage in the camp - even Kofi has gone down (though he may just be concussed)


Well Oscar, this is a fine mess you've gotten me into!

Well Oscar

The Last Stand - somehow Peters and Chandler manage to destroy two of the Raptors before they fall to their terrible claws

Last Stand

As the Allosaurus leaves the campsite, weakend from Sampson's unyielding fire, a last gasp shot from his rifle strikes true and the Allosaur is killed

Allosaurus goes down

From their high perches Sampson and Kofi survey the campsite - only they remain

High perches

A terrible day for the adventurers, though some of them are only seriously wounded, without the porters they have little chance of surviving - even the Mission will give them little succour without anyone to help them

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  1. That is a gorgeous looking game Donogh!


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